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Welcome to my 11+ blog


This blog is about the Wirral 11+ exam.


It will give thought to ways of how to study for the exam, what you should expect from tutors and how you can support your child in their preparation.

How do you best prepare (revise) for the 11+ CEM on Wirral?

By rogerboulton, Apr 18 2017 06:38AM

At ELC we have several ideas of the 'best' ways that we will explore in our blog.

One of the things you will regularly hear us say is 'little and often'. We advocate little bits of homework throughout the week rather than a huge amount on a Sunday.

Why do we do this? Well, we believe that regularly reassessing information in the brain will make it become more 'concrete'. In fact, we are not alone in this and now it seems that scientists have proven that such an approach can make up to a 30% difference in exam results!!

Using strategies such as this will help all ELC students make even stronger progress towards success in the Wirral 11+.

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