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Welcome to my 11+ blog


This blog is about the Wirral 11+ exam.


It will give thought to ways of how to study for the exam, what you should expect from tutors and how you can support your child in their preparation.

The Wirral have released their new 11+ CEM paper samples

By rogerboulton, Mar 5 2016 07:49PM

At ELC we have a number of structured learning plans that will help students develop more confidence with their vocabulary and accompanied with our online learning system and free to use library, we regularly see students making rapid progress with the words that they know.

In addition the Wirral CEM 11+ will require numerical ability. This will involve focus on wordy maths problems. This will require a strong grasp of basic maths skills with percentages/fractions/decimals etc as well as the ability to extract the necessary information from each question.

We are confident that our professional and structured lessons offer excellent increases in confidence and overall ability with parents regularly commenting about the progress their child makes once starting at ELC tutoring.

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