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Welcome to my 11+ blog


This blog is about the Wirral 11+ exam.


It will give thought to ways of how to study for the exam, what you should expect from tutors and how you can support your child in their preparation.

By rogerboulton, Aug 21 2015 11:51AM

As you should when buying any service, they had spoken to a number of different tutors and what they had been told was even more unbelievable than goats climbing a tree! They said some tutors had advocated a minimum of 2 hours a week whilst one had even said 3 hours... They then outlined some of the pricing that was being quoted with some tutors charging £40 to 'assess' a child...

We have already posted today about coming to talk to us at ELC about the 11+ and what is really required, but in light of this conversation we can't quite stress enough how much a conversation with us could save you a large amount of needless stress not to mention money.

At ELC we will not only prepare your child for the 11+ but we will work to give them a true love of learning and personal development that they will take with them as they make that step up into 'big school'.

P.S Our 11+ suitability assessment is free...and you will be kept fully informed of your child's progress throughout the year! Still not sure how those goats got into that tree though....

By rogerboulton, Jul 19 2015 04:24PM

It seems the ELC secret is out! Parents arrive saying 'we have heard all about you and had to start'. Quite flattering really to think that our 11+ tuition style is so well received on Wirral. We currently are working with our late start groups to see if we can achieve success against the odds of time. With only 8 weeks to go until the exam we are working flat out to ensure these late starting 11+ students have the best possible chance of success.

By rogerboulton, Feb 12 2015 01:39PM

The reading question is one we are often asked.

At ELC we advocate reading as often as possible, not least because the Wirral 11+ is tests vocabulary but also because regular reading aids concenration and allows access to wider aspects of the curriculum.

One of the challenges with reading is a little like Goldilock's porridge. You don't want it to be too difficult but nor do you want it to be too easy. Ideally you would like it to be just right. With this aim in mind at ELC we have added the latest assessment software to our tutoring provision that will grade the reading age of a student and then recommend suitable books for that child to read.

As part of our 11+ tutoring we also look to determine whether a child is making progress and the software we have access too is ideal for this. Once every half-term we ask our students to complete a reading assessment that will evidence the level of progress they have made and provide reports that we can share directly with parents.

If our reading provision is of interest as part of preparing for success in the Wirral 11+ please do not hesitate to contact us for more details.

By rogerboulton, Feb 10 2015 12:39PM

At Every Lesson Counts we pride ourselves on our upfront honesty. We hear of some tutors claiming two or three (!!) sessions a week are vital for 11+ success. However, at ELC We firmly believe that once a week is more than sufficient for tutoring. We see the tuition as a part of the week that your son/daughter can aim for and the point at which they can be reassured that they have made progress and be given further developmental targets to extend their achievement.

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