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Frequently Asked Questions

At Every Lesson Counts Tutoring we pride ourselves on our open and straightforward communication.


Some of the most common questions and answers are detailed below but if your question is not there please do not hesitate to get in touch.


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'What is your pass rate?'

This is perhaps the most commonly asked question.  It would be easy for us to say 100%.  What better advert for us?  However, we believe in absolute and total honesty at ELC.  Our pass rate is NOT 100% of students entering the exam.   Please keep reading to find out why we would make such a seemingly perculiar statement.


Throughout the year we have several conversations with parents where we suggest that despite intensive and engaging learning plans, progress isn't as strong as would be hoped for, and that perhaps a grammar school environment might be detrimental to their child's overall development, and most importantly happiness.   What happens then though is that parents insist that tutoring continues due to the huge increase in confident, belief and drive that they have seen in their child since starting at Every Lesson Counts.


As a result our figures are distorted by being victims of our own success, and this therefore requires a careful answer to the 'what is your pass rate?' question.  If we say a child will pass we are usually correct.  The children who don't pass are the ones who we have advised parents of the limited likihood of success but who have stayed with tutoring at ELC, often made phenomenal personal progress and who will go on to the next stage of their education in a far stronger position in terms of confidence and love of learning than when they started.  


Hopefully this answer gives you further insight into our approach as tutors.  We aim to know all of ours students as individuals and support families in making the correct decisions for long term positive development.


'I am coming from quite a distance away.  Do I need to sit in my car and wait?'

In the hectic week of activities for your children, 11+ tutoring comes as yet another plate to spin.  With this in mind we have provided a dedicated Parent Zone as waiting in the car is not only uncomfortable but also a tremendous waste of your precious time as a parent.  This area has comfortable sofas, Wi-Fi and tea/coffee.  For many of our parents it offers a chance for them to gather their thoughts and have that one hour of time to themselves in the busy week.  Unfortunately we cannot take responsibilty for any arguments at home about who is doing the tutoring run/taking advantage of one hour of tranquiility.


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