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St Anselm's Tutoring

The St Anselm's exam consists of three different elements:  English, Maths and Verbal Reasoning.


Due to the variety in the exam the tutoring offered by ELC is completely different to the 11+ course.


Should you wish for your son to sit the St. Anselm's exam we please do not hesitate to call us to talk through our structured learning plan.

What we offer

Our sessions will guide students towards writing strong, structured stories that are essential for success in the St. Anselm's exam.  We have a range of strategies and activities to engage even the most reluctant writer and ensure that they are demonstrating their creativity and individual style through their writing.  Current students will be all too familiar with how we talk about 'hooking the reader', 'zoom' and 'triple power'.


Our maths provision ensures basic skills are strong but will encourage the boys to think about more complex maths involved probability, algebra and ratio.  As with all of our teaching we have unique activities to engage our students including the 'biscuit box challenge' and the 'are you fair when you share'



What we don't do

We believe that learning should be active.  We believe learning should also be enjoyable.  During our sessions we will not sit and watch as we make the students write, write and then write some more.  They can do their extended creative writing for homework.  Instead we chunk our sessions into lots of activities that build towards a detailed homework.  


In addition we don't simply tutor without guiding parents as to how their child is progressing.  Each week we will share what has been covered in the lesson and make suggestions as to how further progress can be achieved at home.