Every Lesson Counts Tutoring

Helping to make dreams a reality

At Every Lesson Counts we believe that learning takes place when children are motivated and engaged.  To achieve this we work at knowing our students as individuals; their interests, their strengths and most importantly, their areas for development.


We believe that EVERY students is capable of success through being supported, challenged and celebrated when progress (no matter how small the step) is made.  Our results are proof of our success with many students achieving success in the 11+ against all expecation of their school.


ELC's Tutoring Ethos

Our insistence at ELC is quite simple.  Our teachers must be outstanding!  


All of our teachers are selected on the basis that they can engage, motivate and inspire students.  They must demonstrate an ability to identify and support areas for development in students of all abilities.  We strive for the highest educational standards and will only use fully qualified and dedicated teachers to provide the lessons.

Outstanding Teaching


We have outstanding pass rates with our students and we are very proud of this.   Throughout the tutoring it is vital for parents to know how their child is doing, and we use this as a basis for our tutoring.  If your child is working extemely hard and making fantastic progress you will be informed.   Equally however, if we are concerned about effort or progress you will also be informed so that you can make the best decisions for the tutoring of your child.


If your child is being tutored for the 11+ we will be the first to alert parents to the possibility that this might not be a suitable target for their child.  From our years of experience we are able to accurately assess potential for success in the 11+ and will always keep parents informed of this throughout the course.