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Wirral CEM

As of September 2016 students will no longer be sitting the traditional Wirral 11+ as it will be changing to papers that follow the Durham CEM style.

What does this mean?

Whereas previously the 11+ was classed as a Verbal Reasoning paper, the new CEM format will include a more rigorous mathematics section, a stronger focus on vocabulary and a non-verbal reasoning section.


The test will consist of two papers that will be completed in the same day.  These will be multiple choice in format.

How will ELC help my child prepare for the new CEM exam?

At ELC we provide lessons developed from years of professional teaching.  They are structured and designed with a clear objective in every session.  This professional, child-centered approach means that we are able to teach a range of topics successfully and fully engage children with their learning.


In addition to the learning that takes place in the weekly sessions we also provide a structured homework plan that is designed to build an ownership of their own learning in each student.  Combined with the weekly teaching we regularly receive comments from parents about the growth in confidence and ability of their child.


A key feature of success in CEM exams comes from strong vocabulary and comprehension skills.  At ELC our students learn how to love reading through accessing our own library and through a range of homeworks that are then linked directly back to lessons the following week.


Through our lessons we will teach students skills necessary for successful completion of all sections of the CEM exam and at the same time support them in making strong and continued progress at school.


Due to the greater range of skills required by the Wirral 11+ we are now offering Year 4 courses in addition to our Year 5 courses that will assist students in their overall preparation as they move towards taking the CEM exam in Year 6.

I am interested but would like to find out more...

We appreciate that a website can only tell you so much.  Due to this we actively encourage parents to come to ELC to see why our tutoring is so sought after.  You are welcome to come in for a relaxed, friendly discussion and your son/daughter is always welcome to try a lesson (the first lesson is always free).


If you would like to discuss with us in more detail we can always be reached on 0151 643 8397 or at everylessoncounts@gmail.com.

Giving that little bit more

Academic progress is a key feature of what is achieved at ELC.  However, we also pride ourselves on the support we give students in helping them develop as young people.  Knowing our students as individuals is central to our planning.  We like to know how well school is going and we are always looking to advise and guide students as to how to approach their learning and atittude towards school.  Parents regualarly comment on significantly increased effort, drive and determination of their child and in many cases they speak of witnessing a desire to complete extra work at home.